Computerized Polygraph

  • For many years I have used Macbook Pros as my polygraph platform. There are two primary reasons for this-
  • 1) Hardware service for these machines is readily available via the Apple Store.
  • 2) I install Microsoft Windows Operating System on a second hard drive partition of my Macbook Pro, and in doing so, it is a pure Windows OS installation, with none of the bloatware and crapware that many Windows machines come with. This precludes software conflicts and makes for a very reliable, trouble free platform.

I use the Lafayette Instrument LX4000 computerized polygraph suite. Lafayette Instrument Co. has been supplying polygraph technologies to Federal, State, Local law enforcement, investigative and intelligence agencies for decades. This means more compatible digital files for potential peer review by colleagues is available.

Lafayette Instrument Co. provides ongoing software and technology updates, providing cutting edge diagnostic capability. 

Visit Lafayette Instrument on the web.

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