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Credit/Debit with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX are accepted.

Fees are to be paid in advance and receipt of payment is issued thereafter. Due to the illicit and unethical practices of some, personal checks are not accepted. Exception to this- Law Firms, Defense Agencies, and Government Funding Entities.

Cash payments- for remaining balance of fee is acceptable and validated as authentic. Money orders and certified cashiers checks, which are also validated, should be made payable to- Richard Smith.

DEPOSITS- Due to incidents of private clients not showing for examinations without any notice of cancellation, or booking of appointments as a symbolic gesture to others, with no real intention of showing for the exam, I am now requiring a deposit of $175.00 in advance of the scheduled appointment. $75.00 of this deposit will be refunded if notice of cancellation is provided at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment for polygraph testing. If notice of cancellation occurs within 48 hours of set appointment, no refund is possible since it is highly unlikely a new client can book the relevant time slot on such short notice.  No shows, or notice of cancellation on the date of the appointment will result in no refund of deposit. Deposits made with no appointment set within one week after payment of deposit may also result in deposit forfeiture. Deposits can be paid via the Square Register link below. 

Rescheduling exams within the above guideline will not incur a another deposit payment, however, failure to reschedule a new exam appointment within one week after the original exam appointment will result in forfeiture of deposit. New exam appointments (not rescheduling), will require a new deposit payment.

Providing notice of cancellation as soon as possible is very important, as most of my clients are attorneys that utilize my services in serious criminal cases. Attorneys are often in need of my services on very short notice, and since they're working within the confines of the court schedule, their requests for polygraph testing is time critical.

Peer Reviews, Travel & Expert Witness Testimony/Court Standby Fees-

Most work and consultation is conducted remotely. 

Consultations/Peer Reviews- Base fee for PEER REVIEW of single polygraph examination (PF polygraph file with charts, not including other documents or associated video recordings)- $400.00.

Hourly rate peer review associated document/video reviews, report preparation @ $125.00 per hour.

Expert testimony- (including standby time to testify) - regarding polygraph in any hearings, court, depositions- $1000.00.00 per day standby time for court without travel, and $1000.00 per day. I usually assess actual hours expended for travel and testimony which usually results in a discounted fee.

Testing in correctional centers- incurs higher fees as it involves travel time, which means much more time overall is devoted to a single examination. There is also a risk of damage to expensive polygraph equipment. 

Mobile Polygraph- Some internet sites advertise mobile polygraph services that will come to your home, work, or hotel, etc. This is an unethical and unwise practice precluded by polygraph ethics and standards.

Travel- Travel to meet with clients may incur additional charges- to be determined on a case by case basis.

Forensic Photography- $125.00 per hour, plus travel and lodging if required.

Examination Fees (out of custody/ in custody), PCSOT, Private Citizen Requests-

Attorney requested polygraphs- such as for criminal defense, family law, immigration issues, civil matters$400.00 per specific issue examination at my office. Travel to another location to administer an exam may incur an increase in this fee. 

Back to back exams (same client for same attorney) regarding separate issues will usually result in a fee reduction. Example- $550.00 for 2 exams on same day for the same attorney and same case vs charging full fee for each exam. Please contact me to make a final determination prior to confirming an examination appointment.

Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT), SSOSA exams-

Sexual History Examinations- $450.00 per exam as these require an additional hour or more with the client , and at least an additional hour in post-test report preparation.

Maintenance, Monitoring, Specific Issue Examinations- $400.00 per exam, or $550.00 for two specific issue exams the same day on the same client for same attorney or psychologist.

Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security Pre-Employment Screening Examinations- $300.00 per initial screening exam. Subsequent specific issue examination to resolve any specific issue of concern will incur an additional fee of $125.00 per specific issue exam. These are discounted fees to insure that law enforcement agencies do not incur excessively high costs for proper screening of applicants.

Private Citizen Exam Requests- Other issues, civil, etc- minimum fee is $400.00 per exam.

Fidelity & Domestic/Family/Marital/Relationship, Other Issues for therapists- $550.00 per single issue examination. (Fidelity exams conducted in association with ongoing counseling only).

Testing in any correctional facility - $500.00 minimum, and increased according to the time required, ie: multiple examinations requiring extended time on site, or extended travel to meet with clients. This is determined on a case by case basis. 

Travel- Travel to meet with clients is usually required and will incur additional charges- to be determined on a case by case basis.



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Payment links currently show my previous business name Olympic Forensics LLC. This will be updated soon to Arizona Forensic Polygraph LLC.

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