Curriculum Vitae of Richard Smith - Law Enforcement/Polygraph specific

23 years in law enforcement-

Commissioned Alaska State Trooper- Jan. 1981 - June 1988
Patrol, Warrant's/Fugitives Investigator, SWAT member (SERT), relief supervisor in patrol division, received
numerous commendations.

Police Officer- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Police- Oct. - Dec. 1988
Patrol, Academy Class President, Physical Fitness and Top Gun Awards. Police officer assigned to patrol of naval high security industrial areas, navy housing, general law enforcement duties.

Deputy Sheriff- Kitsap County Sheriff's Office-
Dec. 1988 - retirement - December 2004
Extensive criminal investigator experience. Detective, Major Crimes Scene Investigator, Warrants/Fugitives-Service/Apprehension, Patrol, Field Training Officer (FTO), Diver,  Special Traffic Enforcement, Bike Patrol, Chemical Agents Instructor, Polygraph Examiner.

Extensive professional law enforcement, polygraph, and specialized training throughout my career. Peace Officer Certifications in Washington and Alaska.

Polygraphist since 1993-

Graduated Western Oregon University School of Polygraphy- Lead instructor and program director- Dr. Stanley Abrams, Phd.

Successful completion of one year internship with oversight and quality control review by Western Oregon University School of Polygraphy.

Attendance 1-2 times yearly at advanced polygraph seminars since 1994.

Extensive experience in criminal issue exams, pre-employment screening, and Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing.

American Polygraph Association (APA) certified Post Conviction Sex Offender (PCSOT) examiner.

Nationally Certified Polygraphist #083.

Professional Affiliations-

Memberships granted upon successfully meeting minimum requirements for training, documented field experience, review of randomly selected polygraph examinations, and oral interview regarding polygraph fundamentals, standards, and ethics. Memberships require yearly attendance at advanced polygraph seminars.

Member in good standing with-
American Polygraph Association (APA)
Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association (NPEA)

Continuing Education- Advanced Polygraph Training Seminars-

Seminars attended covered advanced polygraph techniques, polygraph instrumentation technologies, fundamentals of psycho-­physiological detection of deception, pre-med physiology, pharmacology, personality typing and profiling, interviewing and interrogation techniques, sex offender testing, sociopathy/psychopathy, question development and formulation techniques, countermeasures, chart interpretation, pre-employment testing, ADA laws and issues, EPPA laws and related issues, as well as many other polygraph related subjects. All training certificates available upon request, and on record with NW Polygraph Examiner's Association. Training accredited by the American Polygraph Association.

Polygraph seminars attended-

Jan. 1994- 14 hours, NPEA Winter Seminar, Alderbrook Inn, Union, Wa.

Feb 1995- 16 hours, NPEA winter seminar-Wenatchee, Wa.

June 1995- 36 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Newport, Or.

June 1996- 32 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Bend, Or.

June 1997- 32 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Reno, NY. (Kinesic interviewing)

June 1998- 29 hours, NPEA summer seminar Leavenworth, Wa.

Jan 1999- 10 hours, NPEA winter seminar- Wilsonville, Or.

June 1999- 27 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Bend, Or.

June 2000- 21.5 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Leavenworth, Wa.

Oct 2000- 40 hours, NPEA/ APA Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) certification course- Lynnwood, Wa.

June 2001 - 34 hours, NPEA summer seminar- Kahneeta, Or.

Jan 2002- 9 hours, NPEA winter seminar- Hood River, Or.

June 2002 - 30 hours, NPEA summer seminar - Newport, Or.

Feb 2003- 9 hours, NPEA winter seminar-Hood River,Or.

June 2003- 34 hours, NPEA Summer Seminar- Leavenworth, Wa.

June 2004 - 20 hours, NPEA Summer Seminar- Bend, Or.

Jan 2005-8 hours,. NPEA Winter Seminar-Hood River, Or.

June 2006 - 32 hours, NPEA Sumer Seminar (EPPA, Pre Med Physiology)- Newport, Or.

Jan. 2007- 8 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar-Hood River, Or.

June 2007 - 32 hrs, NPEA Summer Seminar-Spokane, Wa.

Jan. 2008 - 10 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar- Hood River, Or.

Jan. 2009- 12 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar- Hood River, Or.

June 2009- 35 hrs, NPEA Summer Seminar- Newport, Or.

Jan. 2010- 12 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar- Hood River, Or.

Jan. 2011- 12 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar- Hood River, Or.

June 2011- 30 hrs, NPEA Summer Seminar- Leavenworth, Wa.

Jan. 2012- 12 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar- Hood River, Or. (ESS, Validated techniques)

Jan 2013- 12 hours, NPEA Winter Seminar with United States National Security Agency (NSA) polygraphists- Hood River, Or.

June 2013- 32 hours, NPEA Summer Seminar with Lafayette Polygraph Corp, PCSOT with David Robinson, M.S.- Newport, Or.

January 2016- 16 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar, Pharmacuetical countermeasures, physiology, Federal Polygraph approach- Hood River, Or.

January 2018- 12 hrs, NPEA Winter Seminar, Advanced and specialized polygraph techniques, fundamentals review, question formulation with American Polygraph Association President Steve Duncan- Hood River, Or.

June 24-28, 2019- 32 hours, NPEA Advanced Polygraph Training Seminar, APA Advanced PCSOT Certification course.


Business owner- Olympic Polygraph, Inc., Northwest PhotoSmith (photographer), Now Olympic Forensics LLC 

                               Effective April 2022- Arizona Forensic Polygraph L.L.C.

Expert witness:

I am routinely called to provide expert witness testimony, and often testimony is by phone or ZOOM video via the internet. I have testified at the following court systems throughout my law enforcement and private practice in polygraph-

Kitsap County, Wa. Superior Court
Spokane County, Wa. Superior Court
US District (Federal) Court Tacoma, Wa.

US District (Federal) Court Seattle, Wa.
Pierce County, Wa. Superior Court  
King County, Seattle, Wa. Superior Court 

King County, Kent, Wa, Court
Snohomish County Superior Court 
Alaska Superior Court- Palmer, Alaska 

Pierce County Superior Court Tacoma, Wa. 

Pierce County Arbitration, Pierce County Courthouse, (September 16, 2019) - (testimony regarding forensic photography)
Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, (February 2020) - ( testimony regarding 
non-deceptive polygraph results of  police officer facing de-certification for allegations of untruthfulness- Officer's peace officer certification was maintained as a result ).

US District Court Tacoma, Wa. March 2022 regarding my peer review of an FBI polygraph.

Guest Speaker-
April 19, 2001- Washington State Juvenile Detention Managers Spring Conference, Walla Walla, Wa. Pre-employment polygraph.
August 2010- Guest Speaker-University of Wa. Forensic Accounting Program- Polygraph's Application to Forensic Accounting
July 18th, 2011- Guest Speaker-University of Wa. Forensic Accounting Program- Polygraph's Application to Forensic Accounting
May 26, 2016- Guest Speaker-University of Wa. Forensic Accounting Program- Polygraph's Application to Forensic Accounting

Post Conviction Sex Offender testing for -
Wa. St. DSHS
Wa. State Dept of Corrections.
Attorneys and Treatment Providers in Western Wa.

Polygraph testing and consultation for private attorneys, county, federal defense agencies, including military defense, federal immigration defense, federal public defense- 

Partial listing-

King County Northwest Defenders Association and related offices

Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel

Snohomish County Defenders Office

Clallam County Defenders Office

Kitsap County Public Defenders

Thurston County Public Defenders

Mason County Defenders

Whatcom County Defenders

Jefferson County Defenders 

Criminal, Family Law, Immigration & Military Defense Attorneys throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Cleared for access to many correctional centers in western Washington State.